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Antlers pre-engineered steel barns kits are prefabricated for easy onsite assembly.  All components of the kit are precisely pieced together by cutting, drilling bolt holes and welding tabs in manufacturing process to achieve precision fit and finish. Antlers Pre-engineered steel buildings can accommodate any width, length and height you would like from a standard 40x60 with 14 eave height to a custom build designed by an Antlers building specialist.  Worried about future expansion of your farm or ranch no worries Antlers buildings can be designed for future expansion.

PEMB Barns are highly functional for multiple applications farm equipment storage, workshop, hay storage, livestock barn/stables and grain/feed storage.

Antlers metal building exterior is finished by the versatile R-Panel also known as PBR Panel in 26-gauge, with a 25-year warranty on silicone Polyester paint colors. For more information about Antlers SP cool coatings look up panel colors under features to see the Varity of options.  Additional options do not stop their Antlers can customize your barn from door and window selections to mezzanines and eave extensions, check the numerous options in the Antlers features page.


Antlers metal buildings we understand that these buildings are an investment to your family and way of life that’s why Antlers buildings are built strong to last the life of your farm or ranch.

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