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Insulation Systems

Faced / Laminated 

Insulation's faced fiberglass is a resilient, flexible fiberglass blanket laminated to a high quality vapor retarder facing. It is the most common and cost effective solution used for insulating pre-engineered metal buildings.

Faced fiberglass can be installed as a single layer, or combined with unfaced fiberglass and various support hardware to create a "High R-Value System".



Banded Insulation Systems

A Banded System can be used for roof and wall applications. For roofs, faced fiberglass is installed parallel and between the purlins. Unfaced insulation is installed perpendicular and over the top of the purlins. For walls, when a higher R-value is desired, unfaced fiberglass can be installed perpendicular to the girts and faced fiberglass parallel to the girts. The system is supported with metal banding attached with TEK screws.


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