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Pre-engineered Steel Building Kits in Texas

Assembly made easy

Antlers Building Systems provides a superior pre-engineered product which helps the construction process timeline and ease for erection. This is accomplished by prefab metal buildings are sized to length, welded to shape, punched and slotted at the factory. The kit is shipped from the nearest manufacturing point, going directly to the job site for assembly. Pre-engineered metal buildings are easy to assemble, they come from the manufacture labeled and easily identified the pieces location by erection drawings provided.


  • Agricultural buildings like barns, dairies, equipment storage buildings, hay sheds, offices, riding arenas, shop buildings, stables, and tack rooms
  • Aircraft hangars for planes, jets, and helicopters
  • Autos, motorcycle, boat, and recreational vehicle dealerships& repair shops
  • Churches and other religious facility buildings
  • Commercial steel buildings
  • Riding arenas and stables-indoor-outdoor
  • Industrial buildings/ Manufacturing
  • Offices
  • Personal workshop buildings/ garages
  • Recreational and sports facilities
  • Restaurants/ Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Sports facilities
  • Storage buildings and shops
  • Strip malls
  • Home storage/ Hobby
  • Transportation/Trucking

Pre-engineered buildings cost effective and smart way to build 

Adaptable Sizing

PEMB allows for a variation of bay and building design to offer column free design to maximize the building square footage. Sizes can range from small to large depending on the application. Examples of sizing 30’x50’ to 165’x250’ can be achieved by free span PEMB designed by Antlers. If you run out of room no worries Antlers buildings can be designed for future expansion.

Let Antlers Help You

Fill out Antlers order form Or call an Antlers experienced sales rep to discuss pre-engineered building design and see what Antlers can do for you and your upcoming project (800) 279-0225.


Why Commercial Contractors Choose PRE-Engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Although Pre-engineered metal buildings have been around since the early nineteen hundred’s it wasn’t until World war II that pre-engineered metal building philosophy took off in the commercial construction world. Through the years the steel buildings have been used for multiple applications from industrial warehouse small commercial retail buildings. The reason why pre-engineered buildings are so successful is the versatility that steel can be designed to fit almost any commercial application. Other construction methods do not compare to PEMB on fastness of construction, Stronger last longer and cost savings on construction process. We all know in the commercial construction world the longer the project runs the more the project will cost. Antlers pre-engineered steel buildings can help keep your commercial or non-commercial project cost below budget and allows your project to remain within your budgeted timeline. How does a PEMB decrease the construction completion timeline? Answer, by PEMB being designed by registered engineers and fabricated in an approved manufacturing facility. This allows the customer or building contractor to save erection, construction and manufacturing cost. A properly designed and engineered steel building allows the natural attractive features, designed an engineered into the project to standout upon completion.

Antlers commercial pre-engineered building kits can be designed steel framing strong enough to support itself without requiring columns or load bearing walls to support its frame. With the prefabricated steel lines Antlers commercial buildings achieve clearspan interior floor plan. This allows the end consumer to design the commercial office or manufacturing plant with a crane of their dreams. Antlers sell staff will work closely with you to design and implement any features in a commercial building project.

The variety for commercial PEMB buildings is nearly limitless. Antlers building application work well for:

  • Commercial aircraft hangars
  • Low-rise office buildings
  • Medical clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores from boutiques and specialty shops to mega-sized ‘big box’ warehouse stores
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Strip malls and shopping centers
  • Vehicle dealerships, auto repair shops, automated car washes, or tire stores
  • Veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals
  • Wineries

Pre-engineered buildings cost effective and smart way to build 

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