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4 Advantages for Your Storage Business With Prefabs

Self-storage and logistics are two of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Smaller players who enter into this arena must contend with several large, nationwide chains that seemingly dominate the field. Making your way as an independent player means staying lean and efficient and taking advantage of cost-cutting measures where possible.

If you plan to launch a new storage business, then prefab metal structures are an excellent option to reduce your initial capital investment. Pre-engineered buildings offer several advantages over fully in situ construction, many of which should be particularly attractive to smaller companies. Learn just four ways that pre-engineered metal structures can help your business.

1. Low Cost

Cost is the elephant in the room for any small business, and modular construction offers a much lower cost alternative to traditional below-ground construction. By constructing building sections at specialized facilities, pre-engineered structure manufacturers can keep costs manageable. Modular designs also allows you to save on architectural and planning fees.

For self-storage businesses, these cost savings can be particularly beneficial. The typical self-storage facility spends a considerable amount of its development budget on architectural, engineering, and construction costs. Pre-engineered structures offer the opportunity for considerable savings on the most substantial part of any new storage business’ costs.

2. Quick Construction

The timetable for any commercial construction project can be shocking. Once planning is complete, a significant amount of time must goes toward material procurement, site preparation, transport, excavation, and post-construction clean-up processes. All of these steps add up to time and money, especially when working with a variety of different contractors.

Pre-engineered structures can’t eliminate the challenges associated with commercial construction, but they can help. In particular, off-site construction of modular structure elements will reduce the time and cost of material procurement and transport. Large portions of your structure will come in single pieces, significantly easing the logistical burden of this phase.

Even better, you will drastically reduce your on-site construction time. Foundation, utility, and other work can begin at your site before your modular building sections are ready. Once delivered, you can start construction immediately. Ultimately, a faster construction process means that your new structures can begin generating revenue much more quickly.

3. Flexibility

Pre-engineered structures offer lower costs and speedier construction because of their semi-standardized nature. This approach can seem to limit your options at first, but standardized does not have to mean inflexible. Most businesses have relatively similar needs, and pre-fabricated steel structures are available to suit nearly all of them.

As you plan your storage business, recognize your specific needs. Will your facilities require climate control? Are your units purely for personal self-storage, or will they also accommodate vehicle storage? Pre-engineered structures are flexible enough to meet all of these requirements without requiring the time, effort, and money needed for custom architectural work.

4. Durability

Since they are a manufactured product, most steel structures offer long-term warranties. Additionally, steel is a highly durable material, and properly treated and maintained steel structures can last for decades. Even better, steel buildings tend to be low-maintenance when compared to comparable wood structures.

All of these advantages should be especially appealing to small business owners. When competing with much larger self-storage companies, few things are as vital as reducing overhead and long-term operating costs. Pre-engineered structures deliver on this promise, offering reduced costs during construction and across the lifetime of the structure.

Whatever your business goals, Antlers Building Systems LLC can help to make them a reality. Our pre-engineered structures are suitable for self-storage businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to receive a quote for your construction project.

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