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Pre-Engineered Buildings for Homeowners: Why and How?

Whether you live in your dream home or whether you’ve just bought a fixer-upper, you may have a variety of reasons why extra room or storage space could be useful to you. Pre-fabricated metal buildings can solve this problem for many homeowners. Here are the basics of why and how to install a steel pre-engineered building on your property.

Why Construct a Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-engineered buildings don’t just save time and money for large corporations and businesses; they can be useful and cost-efficient for homeowners as well. Here are some reasons to consider a pre-engineered building for your home.

Increase Property Value

Even if you’re planning to stay in your home long-term, increased property value is a plus because it means the value of your investment goes up. And if you plan to move out of the home within a few years, home value is especially important.

In some situations, a metal building could increase property value significantly. For instance, if your property doesn’t currently have a garage, it may have trouble competing in value with similar homes in the neighborhood that do have garages.

A pre-engineered garage could solve this problem. According to some experts, adding a garage could add thousands of dollars to your property value.

Easily Add Storage or Living Space

One reason why a metal building increases property value is because it’s just so useful to have around. For instance, you can use a metal building to park your cars in or you could use it for storage or even as a workshop space so you can work on DIY projects even when the weather isn’t agreeable.

Facilitate Gardening or Shelter Animals

A prefabricated building isn’t limited to use as a garage. You can also use these buildings to great effect as outbuildings for a hobby farm. For instance, a metal building could become a garden shed or even a barn or a combination of the two.

How to Construct a Pre-Engineered Building

Once you’ve decided in favor of a pre-engineered building, you may wonder what comes next. Here are some steps to take once you’ve decided you want a metal building on your property.

Choose Only the Best

Look for the best when choosing a company to install your pre-engineered structure. Check the contractor’s reputation, but also check to see what services they offer. For example, you may find it more convenient to choose a contractor that supplies the foundation construction as well as the building itself. This way you don’t have to shop around for multiple contractors.

You’ll also want to think about the materials and accessories you want for your building. For instance, the wall panels may come in a variety of different styles, and you’ll want to ensure you use only the best windows and other accessories.

Obtain Permits

Even for a pre-engineered building, you’re likely to need a permit. Contact the correct local building department to discuss the requirements for the permits you need.

Look into permitting after you have a good idea of which pre-engineered building you’ll choose but before you actually order the building. This way, you’ll have the specifications available for your proposed project, but won’t be in a sticky situation if you find that your proposed building site is unsuitable and that you need to change your plans.

Complete Construction Process

You’re finally ready to construct the building. Fortunately, the construction process for a pre-engineered building is relatively straightforward.

Once the foundation is in place, your contractor will deliver the building components. Next, they’ll erect the structural components, and finally add the wall panels, insulation, windows, and any other components called for. Once these construction tasks are complete, you can continue to the finishing process (such as flooring installation, if applicable).

As you can see, adding a pre-engineered building to your property can provide a myriad of benefits, and the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or inaccessible. To learn more about the pre-engineered buildings available, get in touch with Antlers Building Systems LLC today.

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