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Take Your Riding Operation to the Next Level With an Indoor Arena

A protected space allows you to work your horses, teach your students, and put guests on horseback regardless of the conditions outside. Furthermore, covered arenas or indoor buildings with retractable sides give you all the benefits of a sheltered riding space while still allowing riders to enjoy scenic vistas and fresh outdoor breezes.

Protection from the elements as well as your arena’s indoor lighting allows you to provide regular riding time for your students, a key factor in their development as riders. Also, fewer lessons canceled because of rain or left unscheduled because of lack of lighting means more consistent income for your operation and adds a selling point to potential boarding clients.

The Teaching Environment

Even in good weather, students benefit from training in an indoor or covered arena. Several reasons for this include:

  • Student confidence: Students are often willing to try new things in the protected, calmer, and safer space of a well-cared-for arena. This environment can make the difference to a student struggling to take their riding to the next level.
  • Fewer distractions: Dogs barking, cars driving by, tractors roaring, trail riders passing — all the hubbub that surrounds lessons outdoors — can interrupt and disturb even the most experienced student and teacher. An indoor arena lessens and even eliminates most of these diversions.
  • Better footing: A protected riding space allows you to maintain a surface that offers a smooth footing for your horses and an easier and safer ride for your students.

Give your students the best opportunity for training with an indoor arena.

Your Guests

Most indoor arenas provide room for bleachers or other sorts of seating. The parents of your students will have a comfortable place to observe lessons, and that, in turn, will make them more willing to continue to send their young riders to you. Also, other students can observe the lessons of their peers, a great method for deepening their understanding of horsemanship.

Indoor seating can also open up new business opportunities for your facility. Hosting shows or competitions is a great way to augment your business’s income and is a sure-fire bet when you know you won’t have to cancel because of weather.

Your Horses

An indoor arena offers several benefits to your herd as well. These benefits include:

  • Herd-bound horse training: An indoor arena allows you to work horses one at a time, a definite advantage when schooling those horses easily distracted by the sight, smell, and sound of the rest of the herd.
  • Preparation for spring shows: Working your horse over the winter is essential for placing well in the spring shows, where the winners are most often those who were able to continue their practice throughout the colder months.
  • Winter turnout: If weather keeps your horses isolated in their stalls for too long, an indoor arena can provide an area for them to gets some needed exercise.

Help your horses be and give their best.

The Face of Your Business

Your indoor arena makes a bold statement about the professionalism and seriousness of your horseback riding business, visible the minute anyone enters your property. This instant advertisement — along with happier guests, students, and boarding clients; healthier horses; and a steady stream of lesson income — are the guaranteed returns on your investment in an indoor or covered riding arena.

Give us a call at Antlers Building Systems LLC to discuss further how a pre-engineered steel building might be custom designed to create the perfect indoor arena for your horseback riding operation.

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